Canadian Olympic Coins, 1976

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In order to honor and additionally celebrate the Olympic games being held in Canada in 1976, special series went into production starting in 1973. There were seven of them in the Olympic collection and they have now become a good value for the average collector. There were five and ten dollar silver coins with rare one hundred dollar gold prime collectibles that were minted in the year 1976. The ones that are gold are a collection item for casual and series fanatics alike.

The value of the Canadian Olympic silver collection is not more than what they were initially valued at. The five dollar items are typically worth five dollars, and the ten dollar valued at ten dollars. Those that have never been in circulation may go for slightly higher. If someone is really interested in making a profit from them, they may be able to receive twice their value when melted down into silver. Those that are in mint condition and packaged in collectible cases will also fetch a higher price on auction websites and specialized websites.

Gold Canadian Olympic coins are worth at least double their face value on the market. Sites that sell them will usually claim the value if in mint condition and cased at over two hundred dollars. The reason is that they are in fact made of gold which has increased in value. Also, not many of them were made making them harder to find in the collecting community, although not completely uncommon.

People who are interested in them will find that they are not only limited edition but they are also pleasing to the eye. Anyone who has an appreciation for coins will be able to see the careful designs and imagery used to represent Olympic events. Each series of the coin covers a different part of the Olympics including summer sports, team sports, and even souvenirs. These coins are not only a great addition for a coin collector but also for fans of the Olympics and people who want to remember the Olympic events that year.

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