OCD, Self-esteem, and Self-confidence its all in one

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is such a debilitating disorder that it effects all of the personality and mindset of a persons well-being. It doesn’t just affect that of having to make a person wash his/her hands or make him/her check locks or windows. It effects everything of that person.

Let me explain….

Depression: Depression is very closely linked to that of OCD. It wears heavily on the persons well-being of having to do anything during that of his/her day. OCD makes a person feel worthless for having to check all of the time or having to wash your hands or take constant showers all of the time. I know for me personally it wore on me so heavily on depression that I had to be hospitalised and have shock treatment to come out or be lifted out of my „down“ periods.

Self-esteem: Self-esteem is another thing that takes a hit when one has OCD. And when one has OCD their self-esteem is usually pretty low or non-existant, and this is where depression sets in. So one has to set one apart from the rest and work on selfesteem too as well as their OCD.

Self-confidence: self-confidence is another aspect that needs work on when one has OCD. All a person can think about is checking and washing when he/she has OCD, and their day is consumed with the behaviour they think they have to do and invariably end up doing it to no end. Low self-confidence wears on all of our being and knows no end to it’s strength when it has a hold of us, so it’s imperative that we grab ahold of it and increase it to a level where it is off the charts
so we can enjoy life again.

And we all know that when we feel down our self-esteem and self-confidence take a bad hit. Thats why as an OCD sufferer you should constantly work on your self-esteem and self-confidence as well as that of your OCD directly. Your self-esteem and self-confidence are closely related to your feelings and your feelings take a big hit due to your behaviours and actions during the day.

Let me introduce you to my knew website that lets you work on all three(3) aspects of your well-being, your OCD, your self-esteem, and your self-confidence,… you can visit the all new never released yet website at http://www.stopocd-thecourse.com

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