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With the increase in complexity the manual management of School Administration has become difficult. Skoolmanager is software by Stellar Data Solution Pvt. Ltd also called as school software, has been developed to reduce redundancy, inefficiency, mismanagement from any department of school. Skoolmanager, a school administration software has been automates the process of admission, attendance, fee, timetable in such a way that user with a little computer knowledge can do all this in an efficient manner. School administration software comprises 12 models that automate all the departments of educational institution. With school software, School administration can get any real time information. School administration software is an error free software that has been designed in such a way that it take cares all the necessities of the educational institutions.  School administration software comprises 12 distinct modules that automate all the departments of school. School administration software can also be used for academy management, College administration or any other educational institute management. Owing to its special and best features Skoolmanager is also called as an ERP of School. School administration software is flexible, easy to use, and cheap has been developed by an expert team of Stellar Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Provides a comprehensive solution to the entire problems in the way of efficient and easy management of every department of the school. School software is very much helpful for teachers because teachers can handle student attendance, grading or marks obtained by various students in a class in an efficient way. 

School administration software is also helpful in library management. Librarian can handle the library efficiently without any manual management. Librarian can keep track record of the books issued to students, remaining books in the library. With school software any addition or deletion of book in library stock is quite easy. 

School administration software is also helpful for time table management of school. It helps in allocation of subjects to teachers, number of lectures that teacher schedules to deliver. With School administration software you can mention the exams held in your school and grade or marks obtained by each student in the examination.  

Payroll management is a big burden on HR department of school. School software has been integrated with the best features that it automatically calculates the working days, salary cut or any other deductions like PF etc. The Fee Module of School administration software 2.7 is the one of the most automated fee calculation module available in the market. It automatically calculates fee, pending fee, deductions or concessions, the varying mode of fee payments.

School administration software is also helpful for inventory purpose. All the wear and tear of the school can be calculated automatically and it also presents a very clear picture of profit and loss. That’s why school software By Stellar Data Solutions is also called ERP of School or any educational institute. Yet there are other school administration software’s available in the market but Due to its special features like flexibility, cheap price, and easy to use, error-free skoolmanager has an edge over others. Our world wide customers are very happy with the use of our software. For More details Contact us at:

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